Amazing limited production model trains.
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With each release, RailSmith will bring passenger cars from across the spectrum of North America’s railroads, with the goal of building entire trains over a period-of-time.  It is our plan to release cars that might be for a specific train, but you can use these cars as you see fit, as did the railroads.
Production plans are grand, but we believe they are also achievable.  We do not have the capabilities to release an entire train at once, but being able to focus on one release (two-or-three cars at a time), we can build a train over time.
Please understand there is intent with each release to bring more of the same scheme so we can ‘Build-a-Train’.  How many cars we produce is completely dependent on the success of the prior release.  And with success, there are a multitude of classic trains that we can produce including the Northern Pacific’s North Coast Limited, the Great Northern’s Empire Builder and MKT’s The Texas Special.
A few cars may not ‘make a train’, but it sure is a good start, so don’t get left at the station wishing that you had ‘jumped on board’.
Each release will be painstakingly accurate to the paint colors and lettering detail of that line, and if a locomotive has not been produced for that train, then know that we are working on that too.  We are in process of several E-unit special-run releases.
With RailSmith, we hope to bring the reality of some never-before-done classic passenger trains to N Scale, in our lifetime. We’d like to know, what is your favorite train?  We welcome your input and hope you will join us in our quest to bring some 'great and colorful' passenger trains, to this great scale!  
Click the logos below to see the first-scheduled releases under the RailSmith Models brand.  More great models are planned.  We are excited about the journey!
We hope you get on board!

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