Pullman Park Series

Even as ‘streamlining’ trains became the popular way for railroads to attract more customers, The Pullman Company continued to maintain its fleet of aging cars. By the 1950’s, these heavyweight cars were being painted to match the name trains that carried them. The drab green Pullman car was now emblazoned with beautiful colors of the UP, NP, ATSF, GN, IC, Pennsy, and just about every railroad of the day.

To attract riders, the ‘Tourist Sleeper’ class was created. This was an economy-rate class, and was an affordable option that was attractive during the high-travel season of summer in the west and winter in the southeast. The Pullman heavyweight tourist sleepers were held in reserve for any need and especially high-volume travel periods. You could see these cars in a typical streamline train-of-the-period carrying passengers to their vacation destinations. This Pullman Park Series will feature these sleepers ‘beautifully colored’ and named after the very popular parks they served.

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