Santa Fe

Never enough Santa Fe!
RailSmith is excited to announce two new Santa Fe trains!
The Grand Canyon – trains #23 & 24.  And #123 & 124
Chicago and Los Angeles with cars to San Francisco (until 1954). 

This train was never completely a ‘streamlined’ train and will fit well into our love of eclectic great trains as this train often carried tour groups who’s cars would lay over a day at the trains namesake, the GRAND CANYON National Park.

The Texas Chief. Trains #15 & 16.   And #115 & 116

Running between Chicago and Galveston TX.

We have relied on Fred Frailey’s book ‘A Quarter Century of Santa Fe Consists’ for the information here. This is an amazing book on Santa Fe passenger trains if you can find a copy.

The Santa Fe had cars from mostly Budd and Pullman. RailSmith will start with what we have and with enough interest, build some new N Scale cars that are sure to please Santa Fe fans!

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