Great Northern’s ‘Empire Builder’ & More

Great Northern’s ‘Empire Builder’ & More
GN Trains 31 & 32 from Chicago to Seattle & Portland

James Hill was known as ‘the Empire

Builder’ and so was the GN’s first-rate train. The ‘streamline’ version of this train was introduced in 1947. Resplendent in its Omaha Orange and Pullman Green colors, this train was recognized for the scenic route it traveled, over the ‘Crown of the Continent’. It brought the traveling public to Glacier National Park.

2018-RailSmith is planning to bring this great train to life in a way never before available in N Scale, and we are so excited about it. As with all productions, future runs are dictated by the success of the prior run. It is our deepest desire to do this, and we believe we can. With the EB, there are many new body styles and so it will take some time. ‘Beginning is half done’ as the saying goes, and so we begin! Please spread the word.  Below is the planned consist for the 1955 Empire Builder. 

2023-Proud of the GN productions so far, we are happy to begin work on several more GN Streamlined passenger trains beginning with the 1947 Empire Builder. See that consist chart below.

With the big E-7 power coming soon, we can now show the line-ups for Great Northern’s ‘short haul’ streamliners. All pulled by the mighty E-7.

Timetables and books and the GNHS will help us learn about trains named:

The Badger, The Gopher, The International, The Coast Pool Trains, The Winnipeg Limited

These short trains were primarily coach consists. The Winnipeg Ltd carried at least two sleepers for its destination.

We hope you will get on board for more of James Hill’s Great Northern Railway.

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