Illinois Central

Illinois Central’s ‘City of Miami’
(Or whatever your favorite IC train is)

The Illinois Central slogan, was ‘Main Line of Mid-America’. With passenger service from Chicago, their trains went to Miami and New Orleans. Their orange and chocolate-brown cars ran the rails until Amtrak took over.

RailSmith plans are to produce these cars that will compliment your current rolling stock, or for you to build an iconic train such as the City of Miami – a train that served Florida with Florida East Coast, Central of Georgia and the Atlantic Coast Line.

The FEC, ACL and CoGA all contributed Chair Cars to the City of Miami. These cars carried City of Miami’ on the lettering board. Each of these car owners displayed their initials in black by the door. The cars that are owned by IC, showed that in the lettering board.

The City of Miami competed against Pennsy’s South Wind on this route between Chicago and Miami.

The City of New Orleans ran from Chicago to New Orleans and was the all coach day train companion, to the IC’s night train, the all Pullman Panama Limited.  

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