T-1 AFT Locomotive #1 (deposit)

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Delivery is planned for Q1 2023




Never before produced in N Scale!

Broadway Limited Imports will be producing the American Freedom Train T-1 #1 locomotive.

This Reading engine was used in the eastern corridors when it was (wrongly) thought that the GS-4 4449 was to big to fit some clearances in the east. Of the different paint schemes this steamer wore, this certainly is one of the best known.

We saw this engine in the Baltimore Railroad Museum when we visited there several years ago.

This selection is for a deposit only for this T-1 in AFT colors. You will be billed the balance when they are closer to delivery. For deposits placed after 4/21/22, the total price is $489  (Please understand, in this case, this deposit is not refundable unless something happens and the engine is not released) Although not a special run, this is a very limited run for sure! This engine is only open for orders until April 30, 2022!


Our package will come with a special commemorative AFT documentation insert.



Out of stock

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These are indeed miniature masterpieces.

J. Echlin

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Rick S.

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