Louisville & Nashville

The L&N ran through gateway cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville, Cincinnati and New Orleans. The ‘old reliable’ as the line was affectionately know, had the distinction of never filing for bankruptcy. Very usual for any railroad, let alone this railroad that operated for 132 years under the same name.

Many well-know passenger trains ran on the L&N. With names like The Crescent, The South Wind, The Gulf Wind and The Humming Bird.  But none was more famous or better known than the Pan American. ‘with connecting cars to New York, it truly was the L&N’s flagship. It ran daily between Cincinnati and New Orleans until the take over of Amtrak in 1971.

RailSmith is excited to bring some Louisville & Nashville passenger trains to N Scale! Planned for years, we finally are announcing the first cars. Our 10/6 sleepers were prototype for this line on several trains.

With cars for the South Wind, the Pan American and the Hummingbird, this will take some time, but good things do! (Personally, I think these are just beautiful trains!)

Need some heavy-weight L&N baggage cars?  Follow this link to see what we are doing with our friends at Wheels of Time!

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