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Northern Pacific’s North Coast Limited

Northern Pacific’s North Coast Limited
Serving Chicago to Seattle & Portland

The year was 1948 when this train was streamlined. First delivered in the classic Pine Tree colors, this Northwest favorite was upgraded in 1954 when it was christened the ‘Vista-Dome North Coast Limited’.

RailSmith production will begin with the existing cars we have and launch into the other body styles for this beautiful train. It will take some time, but we are committed as long as you are! This will be a Vista-Dome adventure!

The first sleepers are the 10-6 which were used on the ESPEE’s Cascade and continued to Seattle on the Coast Pool train 407 & 408.

These sleepers were later used on the NCL after the Cascade sleeper service was terminated.

If we look at a consist list for the 1949 NCL, we see a combination of both heavyweight and lightweight cars, pulled by F units. The Pine Tree colors of this early North Coast Limited are like no other train. Below is a suggested consist for the ’51 NCL summer consist.  It is from the Four Ways West Book NP vol.4.

The famous Raymond Loewy two-tone green scheme was introduced in 1953.Below is the consist for this version. 



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