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  • American Fruit Packers

    American Fruit Packers (26)

    This series first began in 1996. At the Long Beach N scale meet in conjunction with the NMRA convention. The cars were free when you purchased a cold and juicy Washington State "Cascadian" apple!  The apples were a hit as were the cars.
    This series continues to make ONE RELEASE each year. It is the only series I do that has been absolutely consistent in that way.
  • BMRE

    BMRE (7)

    bmre-logo This series started as a feature of amazing model railroad private cars. Morphing into some prototype cars along the way. The Brotherhood of Model Railroad Engineers is a brand / logo that I registered many years ago. To me it speaks to the fellowship of brothers who share that common interest of modeling and operating their railroads. Watch for something more here soon. It's 'in the cooker!'
  • Concept Cars

    Concept Cars (23)

    ls_concept-title These cars are always first introduced at the N Scale Collector’s Convention. We produce forty of them, and they are not announced until opening of the doors at the SWAP-A-RAMA. Each car is a unique design created, painted, and decaled by Lowell. Of the forty cars, twenty are in numbered boxes.   The first “concept” car was released at the Baltimore convention in 1995, and it was named “the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company”. Those cars sold out in ten minutes, and that was surprising because the cars were decaled! The next year, at the Denver N Scale Convention, Lowell put Lifesaver’s in a hopper and called it “Operation Lifesaver”. “Operation Lifesaver” was the first concept car where twenty of them were numbered as 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20, etc. The other twenty cars were not numbered. That year Lowell offered the first twenty customers the option of always having the same number, year after year, of the new concept car numbered. That’s how the numbered “concept” series was started, and you had to be in the right place, at the right time, which was Denver, Colorado in 1995. Of these twenty sets, the rights of certain numbers have been sold only three times. These twenty customers do not need to be at our table “first in line” to get their cars, as they are always held in reserve for each of them.   Lowell decided to call them “concept” cars following the pattern of the Detroit auto makers. New ideas are rolled out, and some are used, but many are never put into production. We have just decided to add the “Concept Cars’ to our website, but like the Detroit auto makers, some may be special runs someday, but many will not, because they are victims of bad ideas, or “too costly” fees, and will be rare cars from a moment in time. If you have any questions about any of the “concept” cars, you may email Lowell at contactus@lowellsmith.net.
  • Concept to Reality

    Concept to Reality (3)

    On occasion, I may take a concept car, previously released each year at the N Scale Collectors Convention, to production. Below are those cars.   Some are now out of production, however the latest releases are still available for you to add to your collection. For more information or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Great American Circus

    Great American Circus (27)

    "The Biggest Little Show on Earth" was birthed when I realized there was no N scale circus train available.  Not wanting the expense of a  license with the Ringling Brothers was a smart move, as it made my circus not only affordable, but allowed the freedom to be totally creative doing what ever I wanted. It's my circus!  The series launched in the summer season of 2003.
    After years of no competition, finally a few years back another N scale circus came onto the scene. Many have asked how I feel about Micro-Trains producing the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey train. My response is simple. Back in the day there were many a circus competing from town to town around our nation. And so I welcome the competition! It is all fun! But without a doubt, The Great American Circus and Wild West Show continues to wow audiences around the country. It truly is, "The Greatest Show on Rails"!
    Little known fact: the passenger cars "Louisville" and "Portland " are the first time ever, that Micro-Trains decorated Kato car bodies.
  • Great Northern Series

    Great Northern Series (2)

    The Great Northern Series captures the stunning art of Winold Reiss and his Blackfeet Indian paintings which were used for thirty years of calendar art and promotional purposes for the Great Northern Railway.
    Now through a license agreement with the BNSF Railway Company, Lowell Smith Signature Series brings you a chance to own current calendars with this iconic art from the past. Reproduction with technical accuracy from the 1946 version, 'Wades-In-The-Water' is the second release. Dimensions 17" x 33".

    Watch for the next release coming soon!

  • National Parks Trains Series

    National Parks Trains Series (45)

    This series began in 2001. I remember as I had two cars in production when the tragedy of September 11th happened. Each car has images of original art painted by my brother Philip Smith. The art was then made into travel posters and displayed on the rail line that would have promoted that particular park. Two road numbers were made of each and every car. The cars with a number ending in '12' are sold only with the art prints. You may inquire more about that. I hope to post more of the story soon.
    Little known fact: the middle numbers of any cars assigned road number, will reflect that cars number in sequence within the National Park Series. Look carefully and you will see.
  • Northern Pacific's Mainstreeter

    Northern Pacific's Mainstreeter (11)


    The Mainstreeter

    The Mainstreeter was inaugurated in 1952 as Northern Pacific's second transcontinental passenger train.  In 1948, as new lightweight cars were purchased for the North Coast Limited, the older heavyweights went on to serve on the Mainstreeter.  They were also used on other overnight trains, pool trains, and held in reserve for 'standbys' during heavy traffic seasons. It was originally painted in the 'Pine Tree' scheme, then the Lowey paint scheme, which was first used in 1952 and lasted until the BN merger in 1970.

    What follows, will be rail cars that served in this capacity. On the...

    Main Street of the Northwest

  • Office Car Special

    Office Car Special (9)

    ocs2Lowell Smith Signature Series Office Car SpecialNorfolk Southern's "Office Car Special" is really one of the most beautiful passenger trains on the rails today.  It is truly irresistible to model!  As with the other special runs like this that I have done, the windows will not match exactly but the paint and lettering will. These cars are paint matched from actual paint from the Altoona Shops. Many of these cars look impossible to do, so we will do what we can that is real close.  It looks like about 12-15 cars at this time of launching.  As usual, all of these future cars will always be based on interest. Already planning a A-B-B-A set of power!
    Happy Rails!
  • SP&S Series

    SP&S Series (28)

    I never thought this would become a 'series', but I am delighted that it has!  This is MY railroad!  Finding none of the producers making what I wanted, I did it myself.
    Using the best and closest body styles available, each is decorated very accurately to the SP&S coloring of it's time period. If you are a rivet counter, then keep waiting. These are very close though! And in N scale, 'real close' is great!
    Watch for more SP&S passenger cars, locomotives, Maintenance of Way and maybe even some freight cars.
  • The 6464 Collector Series

    The 6464 Collector Series (35)

    6464 SeriesIn the 1950′s and 60′s, most Lionel train sets included a boxcar. The common number '6464' was printed on every car, regardless of the road name, and these cars have become a highly collected series for Lionel lovers throughout the world.
    We commissioned Micro-Trains to reproduce these cars in N scale. We chose Micro-Trains because they are a company that, like Lionel, and Marklin, is a major brand name of trains that are both “collected and operated”.
    Our series began in 1995 and was projected to take seven years based on releasing six cars each year. The series was completed in 2002, as expected.
    All cars were produced using the Micro-Trains 20,000 body style.  At the end of the series, several "customer appreciation" sets were produced (shown at the bottom of this page). Three locomotives and a caboose were released in conjunction with this series.
  • The American Freedom Train

    The American Freedom Train (17)

    american-freedom-train-banner-copy During the 200th anniversary of our nation’s birth, The American Freedom Train was created as a celebration of everything that shaped our country. This 26-car train crossed the United States displaying 500 artifacts gathered from museums around the nation. At the end of the two years, 1975 -1976, the train had traveled 25,833 miles, was displayed in 138 cities and was seen by millions! It was celebrated as a moving monument.
    It was because of the American Freedom Train that steam engines like the SP’s 4449 were given a new life.
    A detailed story of the train can be seen at www.freedomtrain.org. The video story has amazing detail of this great train from it’s inception to creation, and ultimate fulfillment of the dream.
    See this product in motion... 

  • The Executive Line

    The Executive Line (27)

    This series began in 2012. Seeing the need for a 'Office Car' or 'Business Car' as they are often called, this series will go down that path. A challenge of producing a business car is that most railroads had them, but in most cases, each and every one of them is different in one way or another. I know of several lines that had the same body style, but to the next railroad in almost every case, they are unique.
    So for the Executive line I will produce cars that are accurately painted and as close to the prototype as possible. Do not ever expect these cars to match your prototype 100%! You'll wait a long long time if that is what you want. In the mean time, we need cars for our managers and superintendents. In fact, YOU need one don't you?
    Do we model what we know and make up the rest? The fact is that most all railroads had executive cars. And they were moved when and how the boss said!  Over the district on the fastest way possible. We have photos of hot shot freights with the business car behind the caboose.
    In a recent interview with a retired Southern Pacific and Union Pacific business car manager, he told me there were three ways the cars were moved. As expected, behind a fast freight, on the tail of a passenger train (although less likely as it could keep the train from being on time) and very often in a 'special movement' as he called them. With it's own power!  We don't often see many photos of business cars being moved in a train. But they had them, and they used them! You should as well!  Play hard! Life is too short...
  • Walt Disney's Trains

    Walt Disney's Trains (15)

    The 'Walt Disney's Trains' product line includes my three individual series depicting Walt Disney's famous trains.

    Walt Disney's Carolwood Pacific Series

    Disney Christmas Cars for the Walt Disney Family Museum

    The Disneyland® Mainstreet USA Collection by artist Robert Olszewski

    carolwood-category-header To learn more about the Walt Disney Family Museum click here.

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