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Two Prototype Sleepers  – North Coast Limited

Sleepers #350 & #352 – Loewy Scheme

Built in 1947 by Pullman-Standard, these cars were part of an eighteen car order, the first cars for the streamlined North Coast Limited.

When delivered, they were painted in  the ‘Streamliner’ scheme,  also more recently called the ‘Pine Tree’ scheme. They were also delivered with skirts which were later removed. In 1953 they were given the striking scheme created by the designer Raymond Loewy. Known as the Loewy Scheme, this two-tone green made for a stunning train consist.

With two of these cars assigned to the 1954 NCL, many of these sleepers also saw service on trains like the Mainstreeter,  and the Alaskan, as well as the Spokane Portland & Seattle Streamliner (Trains 1 & 2).

This is a Prototype car and to the era of this paint scheme, has no skirts.

There are two road numbers being produced at this time, for the 1954 NCL consist

This offer is for the North Coast Limited Duplex Sleeper Pair, TWO cars.






Out of stock

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Ferdinand Magellan is great! This really fits your mission of offering significant cars that otherwise wouldn’t be produced.

J. LaBoda

To say the least this is a HUGE development for N-scale and I, along with a number of others, are indebted to you for making these cars possible. Thanks so very much!!!


Lowell, I received my Great Locomotive Chase set today. “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.” Keep up the good work.

M. Magliaro

I received my #99 business card in the mail today. It looks superb. Thank you for another wonderful job. You are really filling a niche.


What a trip! We had a great time- exceeded our expectations by a mile. The Silver Lariat was simply stunning. A gem on the rails. The scenery and weather were perfect. The delays were not an issue for us at all. All just a good days work on the railroad! Thank you for all the…


“You seem to be the shining light in an industry that’s seen a lot of change since the early 2000’s when I was last in the hobby”.

S. S.

I got my new Santa Fe business cars, they are superb and worth the wait ten times over.

Bill S.

That car is about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in N scale!  Excellent work!


“You have no idea how excited I am about these cars . . .”

R. K.

You are in my book one of the very best.