RailSmith- NP Diner 453 ‘North Coast Limited’ -1954

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Shipped August 2023

Did you miss your NCL diner? Another road number will be produced ‘down the track’. Not sure when.


N SCALE.  Northern Pacific Diner 453 –Vista Dome North Coast Limited!

This dining car was built by Pullman in 1947 for service on the new ‘Streamlined North Coast Limited’. Build as a Lunch Counter-Diner’, it was later converted to this full diner version.

There were six cars in this series, #450-455. Three of those cars were converted over time, and we have chosen this particular road number as it was one of those three cars.

In 1953 it was converted to a full diner, and its skirts were removed as our model is.

In 1958, it was assigned to the Mainstreeter.

In 1962 a lounge section was added, then called ‘Economy Buffet’, and in 1967 it was assigned to the 407-408 Portland to Seattle Pool Trains. Diner Road  #453 is one of two cars that followed all of this exact path of use.

The use of the slogan ‘Vista Dome North Coast Limited’, is known to have been used even on the Coast Pool Trains as John Strauss writes in the Four Ways West book NP Volume 5. Page 20 tells the path a diner would make from train 26 (Seattle to Chicago), to 25 (Chicago to Seattle), to 408 (Seattle to Portland) to 407 (back to Seattle) and back to Train # 26, the east bound North Coast Limited!  What a fun story. So these diners with this NCL slogan emblazoned on their sides, were seen in Portland as well.

This is a Prototype car, and includes antenna detail installed.


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Read more about the production of this new body style


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