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Who Knew? – A Pennsylvania ‘Fleet’ Executive Line Update

Who Knew?

Just a few weeks ago I announced the next in my Executive Line Series trains, the Pennsylvania Railroad.  I figured that since the Penn Central took the existing car #120 named ‘Pennsylvania’ and put their logo and name on it, it would be an easy thing to offer that option and thus more variety to the Executive Line Series.

What was I thinking!?  Who knew that only TWO people model the Penn Central?!

There must still be lots of animosity, and I get it. ‘They’ took two classic railroads, the Pennsylvania and the New York Central, and merged them and then bankrupted them in just a few short years.  And, it was a bankruptcy that shook the nation to its core at the time.

Okay, I hear you.  The Burlington Northern merger, although taking away our great northwest railroads, was not the same, as it did not end up in bankruptcy.  The ache of the ill-fated Penn Central merger must continue to ripple in our hearts and minds.

With pre-orders telling this tale, I decided to add the third car to the Pennsylvania ‘Fleet’ set.  You will see now that the Pennsylvania car #120 is also offered in that much-loved railroad name, ‘Pennsylvania’.

I sure hope it isn’t confusing to have a car name that is the same as the railroad name.  But, I did not ‘make this up’, folks.  All you Pennsy fans know the car actually existed.  Seems odd to the rest of us, but hey, what do we know?

And, again, who knew only two people modeled Penn Central?

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Lowell Smith

A native of Portland, Oregon, Lowell Smith married his church choir sweetheart Barb in 1978. After a lifetime of rail-fanning, Lowell and Barb ventured out in 1992 to launch a new business in Portland, Oregon. Read more

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  1. ricksurber5732 on July 24, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Lowell, are you still doing the Penn Central buisiness car I ordered? Also are you going to be at the convention in K. C. In August? I’m still interested in any leftover Spokane Portland Seattle cars you still have. Can’t wait to start ordering your new run cars, Texas Special, Frisco, ACL. Hope to see you in August at K. C.. Rick

  2. Todd Treaster on July 28, 2018 at 12:56 am

    I pulled this car many times. It is owned by Bennett Levin and is awesome. He has E8s to go with it plus a few other cars.

    • Lowell Smith on August 1, 2018 at 7:42 am

      Thanks Todd, I love your stories and wish you would write a book! ‘From the cab’, or whatever. Just encouraging you Buff!

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What They Say:


Lowell, thanks to you and your company SP&S modelers (myself included) are having a much easier time modeling the North Bank Road. Thank you for your hard work!

J. LaBoda

To say the least this is a HUGE development for N-scale and I, along with a number of others, are indebted to you for making these cars possible. Thanks so very much!!!


I really am enjoying what you are producing, Lowell! Thanks for doing it. Jerry

K. Lyons

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for the modeling community. I can honestly say that my enjoyment of the hobby has benefited greatly because of you.


Lowell, I received my Great Locomotive Chase set today. “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.” Keep up the good work.


As a retiree of the Walt Disney Company I look forward to upcoming releases of the Disney Family Museum and Disneyland series.  Keep up the excellent work!

K. Lyons

I want to be like you when I grow up!


The thing I love about all the things you do is the fact that everything is so well thought out, so beautiful and so unique.  


I am speechless!  The AFT Showcase car is everything I hoped it would be; and more.

R. K.

You are in my book one of the very best.

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