PTRR S-2 #33 DC DEPOSIT only

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Planned Delivery Q4 2024



Announcing an extremely limited run of custom decorated PTRR/ NPTCo. Alco S-2’s

Atlas has been commissioned to decorate their N Scale S-2 for the Portland Terminal Railroad / Northern Pacific Terminal Company. This is the first time, and sure to be the ONLY time that these beautiful switchers will be offered. ‘One and done’ as they say.

Production on this release is limited and divided to five road numbers, each with its own unique safety slogan panel. Choose from SILVER which is standard DC version or the GOLD version which comes with DCC & Sound. I love the sound and ‘chug’ of the Alco motors.

  • Atlas Master® Gold version features ESU LokSound Decoder

Each engine has a unique safety slogan plate that is attached to the handrail of the walkway (both sides).  The circle logo reads ‘Portland Terminal Railroad Company’ while the side of the engine shows ‘NPTCo’, making these more universal to the era you are modeling.

Please remember they are extremely limited and the quantity has already been set at the factory.  Due to the nature of these engines and this railroad, this current reservation price is an introductory price. When we reach the halfway point to sell-out, or any that might remain when released, will be at a higher (typical) pricing.

This selection is for the SILVER version. ANALOG DC, and is deposit only. The balance will be paid prior to delivery and total cost of this ANALOG version is $132. Later reservations, the cost will increase to $148+ after first half are reserved.

Read a short story of the NPTCo and Portland Terminal Railway Co, by following this link.


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Silver – $139 DC version, Gold – $239 DCC with sound


In stock

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