LightBoard for RailSmith Cars-3Pack

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Planned to ship 4th quarter 2024


This new light board fits all 80′ RailSmith passenger cars.

We are excited to meet the need to light our cars. It was important to us to create a light that maintains that real appearance we all love and feel is captured in RailSmith passenger cars. If you want bright lights, these are not for you. If you want a real feel, we think that you will be very pleased with what we have created.

The roof of the cars comes off and this new LightBoard drops in. No need to wire. All RailSmith cars come with metal wheels and electrical pick up already installed from the factory!

This new RailSmith LightBoard features:

Drop in easy installation. Track powered.

Dim lighting for a prototypical look.

Warm lights, (not bright white).

Capacitance to help reduce flicker.

Works with DC or DCC 

Here is a video link to show the ease of installing, and how to take the roof off:

This selection is for a pack of three LightBoards. When we have more photos we will provide. Product stock will be limited on these and based on your preorders. Future stock may come, based on the need. We cannot say as of this launch that they will be an item always in stock.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our Blunt End Sleepers already have a rear facing light, so these new boards will not work on that car. Also the Duplex sleeper cars have a sticky attachment for the roof and may be more difficult. Remember these light boards do not fit in the new 72′ RPO or the new Dome car as the dome seats are in that space.

The photo here is actually a painting by my good friend Mike Danneman. For me, it inspires interior car lighting and a realistic view. This painting of the California Zephyr is not an announcement that we are doing this train or car. Kato has already done that!


In stock

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