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Broadway Limited will be producing these exclusively for Lowell Smith Signature Series for use in RailSmith production of the 1967 Great Northern trains.  The colors will match our RailSmith colors for this train, so these will go perfect with your train set. 

In 1967 the GN adopted the new color scheme of Big Sky Blue. But when they did this, not all power units were given this new decoration. The Great Northern Historical Society as well as several books document the exact engines given this blue, white and gray paint, so we are confident of our road number choices.

One interesting note about the passenger F units. (The GN referred to them as ‘P3’ or ‘P7’s). It was not often that a complete set (A-B-A) of  F units in Big Sky Blue  was assigned to any of the GN passenger trains. Of course you can do what you want, including buy two A units, but here is our plan: we intend to produce a single A and a single B unit in the F7 style (GN=P7’s) at this time. Then in the following production of F units, we will commission BLI to produce a F3  (P3) single A & B units.

If you will look at the many photos if the BSB P units, you find a mix of P3 and P7’s. And in many cases just a single B unit in so many lash ups! Check out the photos we have included here. As you will see, these are great companions to the GN’s ‘Simplified’ engines we released last.

 In this selection,   SINGLE F7A road number 369C, will come in the BLI ‘Stealth’ version which allows you to add your own decoder or run in Analog ‘DC’ mode. This is a deposit only with the balance due payable before delivery, which is expected to be Q4 2024.  Total cost should be close to $214.


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DC- $ 139, DCC- $189, DCC sound- $244


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