RSM- Big Sky Blue GN Dome Coach Pair

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Arriving Q2 of 2024


Budd Dome Coaches #1331 & #1333 in GN’s Big Sky Blue!

These are two of sixteen cars that were built by the Budd company for the Empire Builder. Added in 1955, there were usually three of these cars assigned to the Empire Builder. Occasionaly used on the Western Starr in the off season.

The GN called these ‘Great Dome Coaches’, not to be confused with the ‘Great Dome Lounge’ car which was the full Dome.

In 1967 the GN adopted this new paint scheme they called Big Sky Blue. This selection ‘Big Sky Blue GN Dome Coach Pair’ is for two cars road numbers #1331 and #1333. There is also a single car option in this release and it has a different road number!  So there are three total cars being produced at this time in this scheme. Be sure to not miss that single car!

These are prototype cars!



In stock

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Ray F.

I just wanted you to know my O gauge Hood River Pears car came yesterday in perfect condition. This car is just beautiful I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Keep up the good work.


The thing I love about all the things you do is the fact that everything is so well thought out, so beautiful and so unique.  


Thanks, Lowell, for another awesome addition to an already incredible train.


Aside from the quality, creativity and originality, you are to be commended for your ongoing commitment to this (GAC) series, and all of your series of trains over a period of so many years.  There is always something to look forward to. Keep up the great work!’ D. K.


What a trip! We had a great time- exceeded our expectations by a mile. The Silver Lariat was simply stunning. A gem on the rails. The scenery and weather were perfect. The delays were not an issue for us at all. All just a good days work on the railroad! Thank you for all the…

B. Kutch

Love your 3-rail O Scale Atlas Woodside Reefer series. Looking forward to future issues.

K. Lyons

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for the modeling community. I can honestly say that my enjoyment of the hobby has benefited greatly because of you.


I am speechless!  The AFT Showcase car is everything I hoped it would be; and more.


These are indeed miniature masterpieces.

J. Echlin

Many thanks for your superb offerings and beautiful work!