RailSmith-Great Northern BSB fluted Coach #1072

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GN Fluted Coach #1072 in Big Sky Blue.

Built by Pullman-Standard in 1948 for the Frisco, this car was used on the Texas Special. Four of these coaches were purchased from the Frisco by the GN in February 1966 and decorated in the new Big Sky Blue scheme in 1967.

These cars were used on the Badger, the Gopher and the International, and the Portland to Seattle ‘Pool Trains’ as well as the Western Star.

When GN announced the new Sky blue scheme, it was the beginning of what became the ‘Rainbow Era’. The coach we are releasing played an obvious role in that title.

This is a classic version of this coach.


Out of stock

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These are indeed miniature masterpieces.

Joe W.

And as for your goal of 5 releases a year, I admire your ambition, but I won’t hold it against you if you fall short on that accomplishment.  I’m just thrilled you’re doing such an AWESOME job of releasing this amazing train, and hope you don’t stop until it’s all done!


“You have received many compliments when I have run my RailSmith cars with my friends.”

George H.

Blunt End Observation is a GRAND SLAM! I’ve wanted this car for ages but never figured out a good way to kitbash it.


“You have no idea how excited I am about these cars . . .”


Lowell, thanks to you and your company SP&S modelers (myself included) are having a much easier time modeling the North Bank Road. Thank you for your hard work!

M. Magliaro

I received my #99 business card in the mail today. It looks superb. Thank you for another wonderful job. You are really filling a niche.

Dan & Nina D.

So glad our big Alaska trip happened when it did.  It was the trip of a lifetime for me and Nina, thank you so much for organizing it.

R. M.

Lowell, I just want you to know – you make this hobby fun!


I am speechless!  The AFT Showcase car is everything I hoped it would be; and more.