AFP 14.5 Timberline Shadow Box

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Just opened a forgotten box, and this is an amazing find!

Back in 2009 we hosted the National N Scale Convention in Portland. I was the local convention chairman, and I have to say it was a very fun convention.

For that show I produced a limited number (30) of shadow boxes featuring AFT 14.5 with art print by my brother Philip Smith, of the featured Timberline Lodge, a National Historic Landmark here in Oregon on Mount Hood.  Each box is numbered and signed.

There were thirty produced with most all sold there at that swap meet back in 2009.  You might ask how could these be missed since 2009? Well the day after the convention we had a bus chartered with 30 N Scale friends. We left the convention hotel in Portland, rode to Seattle where we all left on our first cruise to ALASKA!

Unless you were in Portland at the convention in 2009, these have never been seen. This item was never listed on the website as we thought they were gone.

So with that, now 12 years later, here is your chance!

With only a few available, these will probably not last long.

The frame box is 10″x10″ and of course has a glass cover.  It was a fun idea done for that special convention that I was very involved with.

Better to buy from the source then the secondary market.  It’s a piece of history now.




Out of stock

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