The 1947 North Coast Limited on the North Bank Road

My very good friend, Keith Lyons, a great fan and modeler of the Northern Pacific, suggested years ago that the 1947 North Coast Limited had never been done and would be a fine addition to my line-up of special runs.  I looked into it and decided to call this new series the ‘Mainstreeter’ as I knew that someday, I might be working on the North Coast Limited and I did not want to bring confusion. The Mainstreeter Series began around 2014. 

All cars in that series are heavy-weight passenger cars and all have been produced for us by Micro-Trains, but only eleven car releases have been this 1947 ‘Streamliner’ scheme, the rest being in the 1954 Loewy paint.

With the launch of RailSmith, this 1947 NP ’Streamliner’ scheme (railfan’s refer to it as Pine Tree or Butter Knife), was a strong player in decisions to produce both skirted and non-skirted cars for that train.  With the release of the beautiful F-3 and F-5’s last year, we really have followed our desire and plans to ‘Build-a-Train’. For this train, we have six RailSmith streamlined cars produced so far, a diner coming soon, and Lounge, Dorm, and Observation cars will be on-the-way before long. Of interest might be our decision process and the new Plan 4119 Duplex Sleeper.

You may have missed some of our ‘Mainstreeter’ (heavy-weight MTL) cars because Lowell Smith is new to you, but ’no worries’ as more heavy weight cars will be produced because they are essential for this 1947 NCL train.  As the NP expanded by buying the newer streamlined four axel passenger cars, these older standard heavy-weight cars were assigned the secondary trains such as the Mainstreeter. The good news is that it is not too late to get-on-board the NP’s 1947 North Coast Limited.  With more engines, and a diner coming in 2023, it will be a good year to see this train get closer to completion!

Speaking of seeing this train, here she is on one of the most amazing layouts ever at an ‘operating session’ hosted by one of my all-time-best railroad buddies, Rick Ernest, on his North Bank Road.

Check it out!

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Ferdinand Magellan is great! This really fits your mission of offering significant cars that otherwise wouldn’t be produced. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


As a retiree of the Walt Disney Company I look forward to upcoming releases of the Disney Family Museum and Disneyland series.  Keep up the excellent work! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

George H.

Blunt End Observation is a GRAND SLAM! I’ve wanted this car for ages but never figured out a good way to kitbash it. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

Linda and Pete B.

Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be with you and the many other happy folks who experienced the Feather River Canyon trip.  I know you put a lot of work into making this special trip a reality and it all came together extremely well! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


AFT is a real dream come true for me. Thanks for all your hard work! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

Rad J.

Lowell, I am very pleased with the N Scale Ferdinand Magellan Presidential car. As a retired US Secret Service agent I have conducted security advances for the president and his family traveling by train. I have done a lot of research on the Ferdinand Magellan and the model has excellent detail. It will be an…

K. Lyons

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for the modeling community. I can honestly say that my enjoyment of the hobby has benefited greatly because of you. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


“You seem to be the shining light in an industry that’s seen a lot of change since the early 2000’s when I was last in the hobby”. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

S. S.

I got my new Santa Fe business cars, they are superb and worth the wait ten times over. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


“You have no idea how excited I am about these cars . . .” Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest