With each release, RailSmith will bring passenger cars from across the spectrum of North America’s railroads, with the goal of building entire trains over a period-of-time.  It is our plan to release cars that might be for a specific train, but you can use these cars as you see fit, as did the railroads.

Production plans are grand, but we believe they are also achievable.  We do not have the capabilities to release an entire train at once, but being able to focus on one release (two-or-three cars at a time), we can build a train over time.

What People are Saying...

"It’s gorgeous!"

Got my Railsmith GN orange/green coach just now and it’s gorgeous, a term I’m not prone to using unless it’s my wife! Looking forward to adding to my Amtrak rainbow fleet!!! - TS


Received my ‘Hudson River’ - magnificent! Can’t wait to get more! - JF

"No words!"

There are no words to describe how great these look! Well done!! - JK


Great job Lowell!! They are beautiful! - GV


- SM


I hope everybody that ordered these cars are as pleased as I am! - KD

"Thank you!"

The new RailSmith cars are beautiful! Thank you for bringing these cars back to the market, for your commitment to quality and attention to detail. I cannot wait for the next releases! - DK

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‘Sharing some love’ I am sure you never saw this coming, but with all these great passenger trains being made, we need a ‘Terminal’ switcher right? Many of you are familiar with the Terminal Railroad of St Louis, but what about this line of similar purpose in the Northwest? Over twenty five years ago I…

Bringing the Baggage Cars to Your Trains

By Lowell Smith | August 26, 2023

RailSmith is excited to announce that we are working with Wheels of Time to bring you the very best Head End cars for our Build-a-Train series of train consists! Pressed with the issue of needing heavy-weight Mail & Express Baggage cars, we have made an agreement with, in our opinion the best HW baggage cars in N…

A Yellowstone Celebration!

By Lowell Smith | January 19, 2022

We love to celebrate our parks. This year we must celebrate ‘all that America is’ in our parks, with the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of YELLOWSTONE, our first park. Only 150 years ago, in 1872, President US Grant signed the document making Yellowstone a national park. ‘National’ because Wyoming was still a territory and not a state yet.…

To BSB or Not to BSB

By Lowell Smith | September 27, 2021

Building an Accurate Train… We always want to do the best we can to create an accurate train in our Build-a-Train process. That said, lets consider the Big Sky Blue sleepers we recently announced in our new P-S 4119 (Duplex) plan. Our research for this GN ‘River’ series (each car having the suffix ‘River’ in…

New Duplex Sleeper

By Lowell Smith | July 27, 2021

We have selected and begun production on our latest RailSmith N Scale model – a new duplex sleeper! As railroads entered the ‘Streamline Era’, sleeping cars were developed that had a variety of accommodations all in the same car.  These were a popular choice in this time of expansion. Pullman-Standard led the way with the…

Newly Tooled Coach!

By Lowell Smith | August 11, 2020

New N scale model is in production! Our ’newly tooled’ Coach, is a Pullman-Standard car that follows the plan 7510. We are very excited to bring this car that has never before been produced in N Scale. This coach was seen in several paint schemes and will offer a nice variety to the N Scale modeler…

Passenger Service on the SP&S

By Lowell Smith | April 27, 2020

The picture below tells a fun story of this Northwest train, our next Build-a-Train consist. The SP&S Train #2 ran from Portland to Spokane. Train #1 ran the opposite direction. This photo shows its late-day trip west of Wishram, Washington traveling at speed over the fill at Horse Thief Lake, with the mighty Columbia River in the…

Consist Chart Choices

By Lowell Smith | February 22, 2019

I have found it useful to have a visual aid when it comes to passenger train consists, so when it came time to build a chart for some of the trains I plan to build in RailSmith, I found it fun and challenging. As seasons and years pass, changes would come to how a railroad…

RailSmith Development

By Lowell Smith | January 27, 2019

Learning more about trains… I love all the feedback and responses I have had about RailSmith Models and what direction to go!  I read each one and have filed them for review. Being from the great Northwest, my passion has always been for the Hill Lines, and specifically the Spokane, Portland, & Seattle, and many…

Arrivals Update: December 2018

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RailSmith It is very exciting to know that the first RailSmith shipment is ‘on the water’ as they say. I am delighted that the factory had the first run completed ‘on time’ in early November. The fact that it took me much longer than planned, or understood, to set up the paperwork to become an…