‘World of Color’ set 6

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The car is now in our hands for assembly!  3/10/23

We hope to complete ….soon? But should be sometime in May. Thank you for your patience and understanding everybody!



This is the final pair of cars in the train set “World of Color”. These cars are an artist’s view of what Walt Disney’s personal real train might have looked like. Each Carolwood Pacific car is named for a place that was important to him.  This classic train is meant be a brilliant symbol of the colorful artistry of Walt Disney.

A portion of the proceeds of this series will benefit the Carolwood Foundation, operators of Walt’s Barn in Griffith Park California.

This ten car set will also include a locomotive, currently planned to be produced in the next couple of months. Remember that when the cars are run in spectrum of the artist’s palette, the car names follow the path of Walt’s life.

Set #6 cars are ‘Kansas City’ and the World of Color Title Mural Car.

Kansas City was such an important place to Walt, it cannot be left out!  This car will be a diner.

The Mural Car brings the colors of this train full circle. Once the locomotive is released, you can take this train on your own Grand Circle Tour!

We are very excited and cannot wait to announce the locomotive for this train set!! You will love it!  It will post here when the locomotive will be open for orders, and that is expected be soon.

Thank you for being on-board this colorful tribute train!



Out of stock

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M. Magliaro

I received my #99 business card in the mail today. It looks superb. Thank you for another wonderful job. You are really filling a niche.


I am looking forward to many more releases in the new year. I stayed up really late on Christmas to talk to Santa when he came by our house. I asked him for an n-scale SP&S 700, and he said that was out of his league and I’d better call you.


As a retiree of the Walt Disney Company I look forward to upcoming releases of the Disney Family Museum and Disneyland series.  Keep up the excellent work!

Rick S.

Every new release from your Signature Series gets me revved up for the rails.

K. Lyons

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for the modeling community. I can honestly say that my enjoyment of the hobby has benefited greatly because of you.


Lowell, I received my Great Locomotive Chase set today. “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.” Keep up the good work.

Joe W.

And as for your goal of 5 releases a year, I admire your ambition, but I won’t hold it against you if you fall short on that accomplishment.  I’m just thrilled you’re doing such an AWESOME job of releasing this amazing train, and hope you don’t stop until it’s all done!

Dan D.

I look forward to continuing to buy trains from my favorite special run train maker. That’s how I think of you now, “The Train Maker”.  And speaking of cool trains, I just received a box loaded with great looking Texas Special cars. Thanks.  I certainly look forward to all the new releases you are planning.

S. Reames

I received my observation/business car today and – like all of my other cars from you – I love it!


Thanks, Lowell, for another awesome addition to an already incredible train.