World of Color -‘Locomotive 1923’

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We are excited beyond belief to show you the power for the “World of Color”.

Walt Disney loved trains, and especially steam trains, as most know.  So, it is only right that a steam engine would pull his World of Color train set. Engine ‘1923’ is made by the most recognized name in N Scale locomotives!  KATO is a top producer of both diesel and steam engines. We are so blessed to make this announcement to you. We know you will be delighted!

Walt Disney was also fond of the fact that his Carolwood Pacific shared the same initials as the Central Pacific. He loved the realism of his live steam railroad in his back yard. And I think, he would love a big black steam engine pulling his most colorful train ever. The World of Color!

The road number is appropriate as it was the year he established his studio in Burbank California.

We all need a place to escape, reflect, and play.  Walt set a wonderful example!

This train represents an artist’s view of what Walt Disney’s personal real train might have looked like. Each Carolwood Pacific car is named for a place that was important to him.  This classic train is meant to be a brilliant symbol of the colorful artistry of Walt Disney.

This is the final release for the World of Color series train set.





Out of stock

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