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‘Blue Horizon’ &  ‘Western View’ – Wabash Sleeper Pair

Built by American Car & Foundry and delivered in 1950, Blue Horizon was assigned the Chicago-San Antonio connection on The Texas Special in 1956. Maybe other times as well, but we have documentation of this for sure.

Wabash ordered 10 cars from AC&F in this floor plan with 16 rooms. Four were ‘Western’ series and six had the prefix  ‘Blue’. In this time period both cars in this release have PULLMAN in the lettering board.

All the Western Series cars were delivered in UP’s yellow & gray. Western View was one of the four Western Series cars owned by Wabash and was later painted the Wabash blue scheme in the late 50’s when it was reassigned. The TRRA shows documentation that this car was then assigned to the Frisco’s Meteor, St. Louis to Oklahoma City. See photo here of  the Western View.

The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, is a great resource for this information and I have relied heavily on their publication on The Texas Special as well as their issue covering Frisco’s Meteor.

RailSmith has tooled new parts and used existing ‘Pullman’ parts to create this never-before-in-N-Scale sleeper! So we call this a Classic version of these Wabash cars and we know you will love them!

This selection is for both Wabash cars offered at this time and is discounted price for the pair.



In stock

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