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Announcing a limited run of custom decorated SP&S NW2 switchers.  SPS #42 is produced exclusively for us by Broadway Limited Imports.

This selection, SP&S #42,  is for the analog (DC) version that Broadway Limited refers to as ‘Stealth’, and is a deposit only You will receive a final billing when delivery is close. This deposit will be applied to the total cost, which we anticipate for this analog ‘Stealth’ engine to be close to $179.

It is important to note that this is the first time ever, you get an option to have the latest Paragon4 DCC and Sound in a small SP&S switcher like this!

This great engine is offered in the Broad-Stripe scheme which it wore beginning in 1968.

Expect this run in early 2025

We have already placed our purchase order for these, so quantities are set. Please reserve now to assure you get this special engine!

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Silver – $139 DC version, Gold – $239 DCC with sound


In stock

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Paul G.

I just received my Carolwood Pacific cars yesterday. They are exquisite! Every attention to detail was paid here, and I can’t thank you enough for putting this into production.  They are going to look amazing, circling my main Street miniatures display.

Charlie S.

Thank you for producing such well researched quality offerings.

Gordon and Dorothy

I have never been treated as graciously and in a manner more suited to a VIP in my life, as I was on our train trip.  It’s obvious how you’ve made your life a success story.  Looking around the train and seeing your friends I’m pretty sure they  were all made to feel very special by you, and your…

B. Kutch

Love your 3-rail O Scale Atlas Woodside Reefer series. Looking forward to future issues.

J. LaBoda

To say the least this is a HUGE development for N-scale and I, along with a number of others, are indebted to you for making these cars possible. Thanks so very much!!!

George H.

Blunt End Observation is a GRAND SLAM! I’ve wanted this car for ages but never figured out a good way to kitbash it.


Ferdinand Magellan is great! This really fits your mission of offering significant cars that otherwise wouldn’t be produced.


I really am enjoying what you are producing, Lowell! Thanks for doing it. Jerry


“You have no idea how excited I am about these cars . . .”

R. M.

Lowell, I just want you to know – you make this hobby fun!