RSM- ACL Fluted Diner ‘MOULTRIE’

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The Diner ‘MOULTRIE’ was one of 10 diners in this series built by Pullman and delivered in 1950. The ACL had a large fleet of diners. When demanded by seasonal trends, many trains such as the Florida Special and the Champions carried two diners! Consist charts from the period show them separated so they would effectively serve riders from each end of the train.

We have selected this car from the ten built, as the Moultrie exists today.

The art shown may not do justice to this car.  Shown here to be darker, however the entire car side is silver. The under frame and trucks and roof are black.

RailSmith is happy to bring a fluted diner for the Atlantic Coast Line!

This is a classic version of this car.

Don’t miss the chance to ‘Get The Fluted Feast’ by purchasing the entire fleet of five fluted diners being released at the same time! Follow this link to find the set of five, discounted for a short while.



In stock

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