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This production run is planned to arrive Q3- 2023


Presenting the SP Diner #10204. One car for everyone!

Southern Pacific had five cars built in 1949 by Pullman-Standard, as 48 seat diners. Four of the cars were delivered for service on the San Francisco Overland, and one of the cars for the City of San Francisco (COSF).

Southern Pacific loved triple unit diners! Four ESPEE trains, the Cascade, Lark, Shasta Daylight and the Coast Daylight, each had four differently configured three car diner sets.  When these cars went in the shop for service, other dining and lounge cars would be substituted from the protection pool of dining cars.

We have chosen to produce car #10204 for these reasons: 1. Delivered in Two-Tone-Gray, it was the last car of this class in this TTG scheme.   2.It was used for protection on the Cascade as well as the Lark.   3.We find this car in consists list for every train we are building at this time except the Golden State.

Thus, this one car, road number 10204 in the TTG scheme can be used on: Cascade, City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Overland. Eventually this car went to Amtrak in the Simulated Stainless Steel paint scheme. This car NEVER wore the usual yellow & gray for the COSF trains. Rather it went from TTG to Simulated Stainless Steel with red stripe.

We are building the skirted version and we have photos of this car in 1962 with skirts, in TTG, and in a (mostly) silver & red S.F. Overland train! (see page 231 of the book referenced below). Naturally we will color match all of our prior Two-Tone-Gray ESPEE cars. This car will also have the dome style roof vents which is accurate for this car.

All of this information is according to the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society. Read more about it in their epic book ‘Southern Pacific Passenger cars volume 4: Dining Service Cars’. 

This is a ‘Classic’ car that you need!





In stock

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