RailSmith-SP Coffee Shop Lounge #10405

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Presenting the SP Coffee Shop-Lounge #10405 for the City of San Francisco!

Southern Pacific had five cars built in 1949 by Pullman-Standard, they designated as ‘Coffee Shop-Lounge’. Three of the cars were delivered for service on the Golden State, and two of the cars went to the City of San Francisco (COSF). The two COSF cars remained as Coffee Shop-Lounge cars on that train.

This car #10405, was leased to UP exclusively for COSF service until 1955 when it was replaced by UP #4811 & #4816. We also see documentation of consists with this car #10405 along with diner #10205 both on the same COSF train.

All of this information is according to the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society. Read more about it in their epic book ‘Southern Pacific Passenger cars volume 4: Dining Service Cars’. 

RailSmith Coffee Shop-Lounge features: an accurate newly tooled diner that includes antenna and correct roof exhaust vents as used in this time period. Our version will also have skirting as era appropriate.

This is a ‘Classic’ car that you need!





In stock

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