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 This production run is arriving August 2023!


Coach Pair – Illinois Central

The Illinois Central had a large fleet of coaches used on most all of their trains. From the book Monarch’s of Mid-America, we see 35 cars like ours that were built between 1940-1949, all by Pullman-Standard.

Consists for the City of Miami show between 6+ coaches like this, owned by the I.C. as well as the three coaches we have already released that were owned by the ACL, CoG and FEC.

There are two road numbers being produced at this time, 2627 & 2636. This selection ‘Illinois Central Coach Pair’ is for both coaches in this release.

If you don’t care about road numbers and want to build the City of New Orleans, then you’d need at least three, or more pairs of these beauties.




In stock

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