RailSmith- GN BSB Duplex Sleeper Fleet

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New pre-production photo here. The skirts will be gray as they should be on the final production run.

PLEASE READ THIS!  The MOUSE RIVER car and SKAGIT RIVER car, ARE BEING CHANGED. This fleet will now be the three cars shown in the title.  Read about this updated (change) in our most recent blog, link here.

These are three of sixteen cars that were built by Pullman-Standard for Empire Builder service in 1951.    The Big Sky Blue scheme was first applied in 1967.

This is our second release as we begin to build the 1967 Empire Builder. The GN typically ran five sleepers on the Empire Builder. Three of these ‘River’ series sleepers and two (or three) of the ‘Pass’ series sleepers. All depending on the seasonal need.

Of special note about the color:  The color will closely match the BSB we used on our RailSmith coaches as well as the Executive Line Series GN-BSB produced a few years ago at MT. So yes, you will love these classic cars!!

This selection ‘GN BSB Duplex Sleeper Fleet’ is for one each of the three cars produced for discount allowance.


In stock

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