NP ’47-NCL’ Power Set F7 A&B

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Expected July 2023



With the success of our March 2022 NP F3 & F5  release, we are excited to offer F7’s this time!  This selection is for the SINGLE F7A-B set. Road number 6510.  DEPOSIT ONLY

Broadway Limited will be producing these exclusively for Lowell Smith Signature Series. For use in RailSmith production of the 1947 North Coast Limited and the Mainstreeter  Series collection. The colors will match the NPRHA’s drift cards just as the 2022 production. The Photo here is of our 2022 release of F3’s.

This order pair includes F-7A & B , road number 6510A. The B unit is marked as 6510B. The B unit in this set is a ‘dummy’ unit with no power mechanism. 

These engines will come equipped with DCC and Sound!

This deposit will be applied to the total cost. You will receive a final billing when delivery is close. 

This run size will be set by these reservations. Your reservation today will assure you get this set. Don’t forget to also reserve the F7A single unit on that items separate page.  

We have reached our order quantity for this engine. There could still be some available when they ship, but we will not know until then. Please do not email a request to be put on a list. We just do not know and you certainly had your window to make your reservation. Thanks for your understanding.

Additional information

Motor Selection

DC- $ 234, DCC- $284, DCC sound- $344


Out of stock

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Thanks, Lowell, for another awesome addition to an already incredible train.


I am speechless!  The AFT Showcase car is everything I hoped it would be; and more.

R. M.

Lowell, I just want you to know – you make this hobby fun!

Gordon and Dorothy

I have never been treated as graciously and in a manner more suited to a VIP in my life, as I was on our train trip.  It’s obvious how you’ve made your life a success story.  Looking around the train and seeing your friends I’m pretty sure they  were all made to feel very special by you, and your…

Jeff B.

Keep up setting the bar high and providing a product that exceeds expectations.


What a trip! We had a great time- exceeded our expectations by a mile. The Silver Lariat was simply stunning. A gem on the rails. The scenery and weather were perfect. The delays were not an issue for us at all. All just a good days work on the railroad! Thank you for all the…

Paul G.

I just received my Carolwood Pacific cars yesterday. They are exquisite! Every attention to detail was paid here, and I can’t thank you enough for putting this into production.  They are going to look amazing, circling my main Street miniatures display.


Thanks for all the great trains – it’s nice to have such wonderful rolling stock on the layout.

R. K.

You are in my book one of the very best.

M. Magliaro

I received my #99 business card in the mail today. It looks superb. Thank you for another wonderful job. You are really filling a niche.