NP ‘1947-NCL’ A-B-A Power Set F3’s & F5 w/DEPOSIT APPLIED

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These are planned summer 2021.



This selection is for F3A-B set and F5A for a complete A-B-A set, with your deposit applied and shipping included.

First I want to thank you for your patience as we have waited so long for InterMountain’s production to resume after their factory suddenly closed in 2018. 

With the very successful F unit production last year with Broadway Limited’s run of our SP&S and also our OCS NS units, we have very high confidence for this run as well. Confidence based on customers overwhelming positive comments of how the BLI units look and run!

Your previous deposit is applied to this unique and specific order link. This will complete your transaction, applying your paid $200 deposit to this run of BLI NP F’s.   Shipping is included in the final cost.

Here is the product description:

Broadway Limited will be producing these exclusively for Lowell Smith Signature Series for use in RailSmith production of the 1947 North Coast Limited and the Mainstreeter  Series collection. The colors will match the NPRHA’s drift cards so these will go perfect with your Mainstreeter ‘Pine Tree’ train set.

 This order selection includes F-3A & B , and F5A. The road number 6504A, 6504B & 6504C.  ( The B unit in this set is a ‘dummy’ unit with no power mechinisim.) These A units will come equipped with DCC and Sound!

This selection provides a discounted rate which is a limited time offer, based on stock on hand. (Remember this is a limited run.)

Be sure to check out the announcement for the 1947 North Coast Limited.  Now you will have even more reason to jump on board!

Thank you for your patience for this long-awaited release!

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Motor Selection

DC- $ 234, DCC- $284, DCC sound- $344


In stock

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J. LaBoda

To say the least this is a HUGE development for N-scale and I, along with a number of others, are indebted to you for making these cars possible. Thanks so very much!!!

Charlie S.

Thank you for producing such well researched quality offerings.

Gordon and Dorothy

I have never been treated as graciously and in a manner more suited to a VIP in my life, as I was on our train trip.  It’s obvious how you’ve made your life a success story.  Looking around the train and seeing your friends I’m pretty sure they  were all made to feel very special by you, and your…


I really am enjoying what you are producing, Lowell! Thanks for doing it. Jerry

S. S.

I got my new Santa Fe business cars, they are superb and worth the wait ten times over.

Jerry E.

Received GN A10 today. Absolutely stunning! I am very pleased. Thank You all.


My kids absolutely love the Christmas cars! The C.K. Holiday, along with the Carolwood and Disney cars makes a wonderful Christmas train. It made many a loop under our tree this year.

Joe W.

And as for your goal of 5 releases a year, I admire your ambition, but I won’t hold it against you if you fall short on that accomplishment.  I’m just thrilled you’re doing such an AWESOME job of releasing this amazing train, and hope you don’t stop until it’s all done!

Rad J.

Lowell, I am very pleased with the N Scale Ferdinand Magellan Presidential car. As a retired US Secret Service agent I have conducted security advances for the president and his family traveling by train. I have done a lot of research on the Ferdinand Magellan and the model has excellent detail. It will be an…


Nothing better than receiving that white box from Lowell Smith.