Union Pacific - Portland Rose

A relative latecomer in the heavyweight era, the Portland Rose launched in 1930 and for a several years became the flagship UP train between Portland and Chicago. Later the newer streamliner City of Portland quickly became the crack train in that corridor. The Rose had several cutbacks in service that were later expanded. As a secondary train, the Rose handled connecting cars from various trains, and making more stops along the route, it ran on a slower schedule than the City of Portland.

The Portland Rose survived until 1971’s Amtrak. The train was popular in the small communities and it’s friendly service left its reputation as one of the most beloved trains of the Union Pacific.

We see the 4-8-4 (FEF) steamers as well as 4-6-6-4 Challengers pulling this train as well as F and E units. So almost anything goes for this workhorse of the line.

We have exciting plans for several newly tooled cars for this train, and you can read more about The Portland Rose in the UP Historical Society publication shown below.

All aboard this beautiful train for all eras!

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