BMRE Activity Atlanta 2017

Anyone that knows me well, knows that my love for trains goes deep.  When it comes to railroad modeling, I specifically love operating a model railroad in some realistic fashion.  In the Northwest areas, we have many friends that share this same passion. 

Recently, one of these friends moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Mark had moved several times around Seattle, but this last move took him to the deep south.  That move did not stop us, though, from ‘making the trip’ to help Mark, once again, set up his Feather River N Scale empire to see it run as it had before. 

The brotherhood loves to be with people that share our passions and in this case, the love of model trains.  In the deepest sense, it really becomes about those friends that you share the journey of life with.  I hope that you have railroad buddies on your journey!

Mark was quick to write about it in the recent N Scale Railroading issue in the ‘observations’ column on the last page of the May release.  It is fun to build, dream, and ‘just to be with’ long-time friends, and at the same time meet new friends with the same aspirations.  While in Atlanta with Mark, we visited Darryl Kruse, and his Union Pacific empire, that was featured in-and-on-the-cover of Model Railroader’s November 2008 issue.

Great times were had by all!

Lowell Smith

A native of Portland, Oregon, Lowell Smith married his church choir sweetheart Barb in 1978. After a lifetime of rail-fanning, Lowell and Barb ventured out in 1992 to launch a new business in Portland, Oregon. Read more

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Dan & Nina D.

So glad our big Alaska trip happened when it did.  It was the trip of a lifetime for me and Nina, thank you so much for organizing it. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

S. Reames

I received my observation/business car today and – like all of my other cars from you – I love it! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


Thanks, Lowell, for another awesome addition to an already incredible train. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

Paul G.

I just received my Carolwood Pacific cars yesterday. They are exquisite! Every attention to detail was paid here, and I can’t thank you enough for putting this into production.  They are going to look amazing, circling my main Street miniatures display. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


Thanks for all the great trains – it’s nice to have such wonderful rolling stock on the layout. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


Lowell, thanks to you and your company SP&S modelers (myself included) are having a much easier time modeling the North Bank Road. Thank you for your hard work! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


The thing I love about all the things you do is the fact that everything is so well thought out, so beautiful and so unique.   Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


I am looking forward to many more releases in the new year. I stayed up really late on Christmas to talk to Santa when he came by our house. I asked him for an n-scale SP&S 700, and he said that was out of his league and I’d better call you. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

K. Lyons

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for the modeling community. I can honestly say that my enjoyment of the hobby has benefited greatly because of you. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest


You know I’m always looking forward to the next release and its arrival with great anticipation. I treasure my Lowell Smith Signature collection. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest